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An informal and slightly irreverent look at the world of creative, film-based photography brought to you by the creators of Not all photographers are anoraks or obsessives.

Archive for April, 2010

Episode 14: We’ve Been Bad, But We’re Back, Part 2 – April 2010

Ed, Leon, Damion & Ailsa wrap up the Filmwasters’ return to podcasting after an absence of 8 months with part two of We’ve Been Bad, But We’re Back. This final instalment brings you a discussion of the recent Lillian Bassman exhibition in London, speculation that there may finally be a cool-looking digital camera on the market and the revelation that some of Ailsa’s friends leave her voicemails after having sex. Because we were a bit light on content for this episode, we contacted The Other Side and asked Arthur Fellig (aka Weegee), Ed’s spiritual guide through the world of photography to chip in from time to time with some anecdotes from way back in the day.

Photo by Lillian Bassman Photo by Lillian Bassman

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