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An informal and slightly irreverent look at the world of creative, film-based photography brought to you by the creators of Not all photographers are anoraks or obsessives.

Archive for February, 2010

Video Podcast 01: London Calling – February 2010

The inaugural video podcast from the team is a bit of a shambolic, light-hearted affair, but the 18 minutes goes by pretty quickly all the same.

We take you round the Mass Photo Gathering protest in London’s Trafalgar Square (23rd Jan), then onto the excellent exhibition of 19th Century Photography at the British Library and finish things off with a tutorial about staining Polaroid peel-apart film with instant coffee.

Featuring Ed Wenn, Leon Taylor, Damion Rice, Salvo Toscano & Woody the Lurcher.

::This download is provided in iPhone/iPod compatible M4V format. If there is demand we can provide other formats too so please get in touch::

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