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An informal and slightly irreverent look at the world of creative, film-based photography brought to you by the creators of Not all photographers are anoraks or obsessives.

Archive for December, 2008

Episode 9: The Romance of MacDonalds – December 2008

There was just time to squeeze in a final podcast before 2008 drew to a close. Ed was joined by founder Filmwaster and much decorated fine art photographer, Susan Burnstine from LA, commercial and fine art photographer (and toycamera god) Don Brice from Adelaide and debutante FW podcast panellist, Cameron Stephen, a health service professional, photography obsessive and photo and video blogger from Melbourne. Topics under discussion this time round were the ins and outs of hanging your work in a non-gallery space, photo journalism, Cameron’s photography-related online videos, a catch up with Susan and Don regarding what they’ve been up to this year and the usual recommendations section from all panel members. Other highlights include:

  • Cameron giving a master class in how to not organise things properly when showing work in a cafe.
  • Don prompting Ed to lead a deeply technical discussion on the magic of Polaroid peel-apart films during which he used the word, “thing”, far too often and mixed up his 5×4, 54, 55 and 665 like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, folks it’s good to be in the presence of such a knowledgeable commentator!

Cameron’s Picks:

Susan’s Picks:

  • PHOTONOLA is Susan’s BEST OF PICK of 2008. It’s a month long celebratioon of Photography in New Orleans coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance. It included a auction/gala, workshops, reviews, seminars and exhibitions across the city.
  • Susan discovered her talent of 2008 at the “Emerge” workshop she ran at PhotoNola; Sam Portera.
  • And another 08 treat was getting to see Louviere and Vanessa’s Solo show, Instinct & Extinct at A Gallery For Fine Photography in New  Orleans. Jeff Louviere & Vanessa Brown
  • Susan’s LAST THOUGHT BEST PICK OF 2008 has to be Gordon Stettinius‘ self portrait series; currently only viewable online via facebook.

Ed’s Picks:

  • The Maurice Broomfield exhibition at London’s HOST Gallery.
  • Knock Three Times by Chris Coekin. “Through photographs and archive material, Coekin explores the cultural roots and identity of the Working Men’s Club and examines the complexity of working class culture, as well as ideas of masculinity, relationships and the work ethic.”

Don’s Picks:

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