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An informal and slightly irreverent look at the world of creative, film-based photography brought to you by the creators of Not all photographers are anoraks or obsessives.

Archive for July, 2008

Episode 7: Dear Diary – July 2008

We’re back, and before the end of the summer too! Thrown together at the last minute after we’d missed a previous date, Gordon Stettinius, joins regulars Ed Wenn and Susan Burnstine in the virtual Filmwasters pub. Talk ranges from faux diary entries, found photos with a sting in the tail, how Gordon’s mum coped with his decapitation, whether Ed’s parents used to get high by smoking prawns, lots of hair talk, how Susan doesn’t like to talk about it…any of it…until it’s finished (but that she will soon start using a proper glass lens!). Somewhere in the mix there’s a whole host of photo talk too.

Ed got something slightly wrong during the podcast. The alleged portrait of Mayakovsky is not one of him wearing a workers’ Constructivist uniform designed by Rodchenko. The suit photo is one of Rodchenko himself, whereas the famous Mayakovsky portrait is a little less surreal.

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