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Archive for March, 2008

Episode 5: The Badger’s Back & We’re All Drunk – February 2008

Cutting it very fine again for inclusion as a February episode. Damn the calendar and the shortened month…it took me by surprise. Episode 5 sees us back to full strength with regulars Ed, Susan, Damion, Leon and Ailsa joined by longtime friend of the extended family, Mr Gordon Stettinius, a man who always has a refreshing perspective on things. This show is a little looser than the others mainly because there was a lot more drinking going on than usual and a lot more off-mic Internet chat causing a lot of distractions and giggles. The discussion topic for this month is, “Photographing People” and while we had a good go, we didn’t even really dent it. Damion was calling in from a hotel with a lower-than-normal bandwidth connection so he sounds like a Dalek a lot of the time.Never mind; some people find that sexy.

Susan wanted me to publish this link to explain her crude comment about Alec Soth. She thought it best to clarify her comment for fear that his wife will hunt her down. The reference to his body of work called ‘Niagra’. Which was shot at Niagra Falls hotels. Susan’s next solo show at Wallspace in Seattle, WA runs from March 4 to April 5. Artist reception is Thursday March 6 and she will be there so go along and say hi.

Ed’s picks were:

Gordon’s picks were:

Susan’s picks were:

Damion’s pick was:

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