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An informal and slightly irreverent look at the world of creative, film-based photography brought to you by the creators of Not all photographers are anoraks or obsessives.

Archive for December, 2007

Episode 3: The Ring of Fire – December 2007

With Ed Wenn, Susan Burnstine, Damion Rice, Leon Taylor and Don Brice. We recorded this puppy according to the standard schedule (i.e. at the end of November), but then life conspired to prevent me from editing and uploading it until now. Aaargh! A million apologies to listeners and panellists alike for the inexcusable delay….I’m just glad I made it before Christmas and I hope that those of you who have a few days off over the next week or so will find some spare time to check out this latest episode.

We changed the format a little for the third show and moved more into “discussion” territory. Listening back to it this morning I actually think it worked out pretty well although there are a few pauses because we’re occasionally having to actually think before we speak.

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