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An informal and slightly irreverent look at the world of creative, film-based photography brought to you by the creators of Not all photographers are anoraks or obsessives.

Archive for September, 2007

Episode 1: The Middle Square – October 2007

Welcome to the first – slightly self-conscious – episode in what we hope will be a long-running series of monthly netcasts/podcasts from the Filmwasters. Joining founder-wasters Ed Wenn, Susan Burnstine and Leon Taylor for Episode 1 is Ailsa McWhinnie. Ailsa was founding editor of the highly respected mass circulation magazine, Black & White Photography, but recently resigned her post there to strike out on a freelance career. We invited her along to see what she’s been getting up to since hanging up her editor’s whip and to find out at first hand just how hard it is to face up to life without a steady flow of free photography books. In addition to that there’s a discussion about why we wanted to do a Filmwasters netcast in the first place, some info from everyone else on what they’re up to at the moment as well as a pick or two from the gang of work that’s caught their eye recently.

Show Notes:

Photos by Ailsa taken at the Harrachov Exchange. Click on each one to see a larger version:

Photo by Ailsa McWhinnie Photo by Ailsa McWhinnie Photo by Ailsa McWhinnie