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Episode 12: Hardworking, Loving & Courageous – May/June 2009

Despite our best efforts to the contrary Episode 12 is an all English, all-male affair with Filmwasters hosts, Ed Wenn, Damion Rice & Leon Taylor taking one of their favourite documentary photographers, the much-travelled Colin Summers, through his podcasting paces. Also getting in on the act – albeit briefly – is Leon’s pet hound, Woody, who we suspect is also a big Colin Summers fan.

Photo by Colin Summers Landmine - Cambodia by Colin Summers

This episode was supposed to be a photo journalism special, but inevitably things drifted off-topic pretty quickly and Leon had a time of it trying to edit together something even vaguely cohesive. Fear not though, there’s a lot of good, sensible stuff here in amongst the jokes and the general photography-related chatter. In particular documentary photography is covered in some depth; including a discussion of Colin’s current series, This Is England.

We also discuss the sad passing of Bill Jay, a giant of photographic commentary whose work has made a big impression on us on lots of levels. Visit his site to find out why.

Faves/picks/recommendations this time round are as follows:

  • Colin recommends Robin Bell’s Silver Footprint exhibition at the Independent Photographers Gallery in Sussex, UK until June 20th.
  • Leon recommends Tim Rudman’s excellent exhibition, The Colourful World of Black and White, which is on at the Lightbox gallery in Woking, UK until July 26th.
  • Ed raved about an oldish book he discovered on a friend’s shelf recently, a Time-Life publication from 1980 glorying in the title, Photographing Children.
  • Damion had two picks. The first is Ilf and Petrov’s American Road Trip a book from 1935 by Ilya Ilf, Evgeny Petrov, Erika Wolf, Aleksandr Rodchenko and Anne O. Fisher. His second pick is the project currently being undertaken by our good friend, Gordon Stettinius, to publicize, document and research the life and work of Gita Lenz.
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Episode 11: Interview with Andrea Ingram

This is the first in a new series of podcasts where Leon interviews photographers to discuss something new they’ve recently been trying out or have done.  Leon’s style is analoguos to a kind of tortoise compared with Ed’s peppy hare-style (he’s bald … geddit?!?).

Andrea Ingram: Nairn Stroll

Andrea Ingram: Nairn Stroll

In this episode, Leon talks with Andrea Ingram about her recent exhbition at the An Lanntair Arts Centre on the Isle of Lewis, and her new Blurb Book amongst other things related to her photography.  Apologies for the poor sound quality – the Outer Hebrides doesn’t have the greatest broadband link-up so Skype quality wasnt perfect – it improves as the recording goes on, so stick with it if you can.

Andrea’s Fave Photographers discussed:

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Episode 10: Tom Says, “f,8 & Be There” – March 2009

Martin Parr, Tom Stoddart, Andrew Nadolski & Ken Keen were the heavyweight guest speakers at this year’s Arena Seminar. Our man, Leon, was there drinking it all in & Ed won’t let him get some sleep until he’s told us all about it. A slightly shorter-than-normal podcast this time round at 45 minutes and only two participants, but we’re hoping (desperately!!) that the content will more than make up for a slightly low-key episode.

A couple more interesting links for Ken Keen:

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Episode 9: The Romance of MacDonalds – December 2008

There was just time to squeeze in a final podcast before 2008 drew to a close. Ed was joined by founder Filmwaster and much decorated fine art photographer, Susan Burnstine from LA, commercial and fine art photographer (and toycamera god) Don Brice from Adelaide and debutante FW podcast panellist, Cameron Stephen, a health service professional, photography obsessive and photo and video blogger from Melbourne. Topics under discussion this time round were the ins and outs of hanging your work in a non-gallery space, photo journalism, Cameron’s photography-related online videos, a catch up with Susan and Don regarding what they’ve been up to this year and the usual recommendations section from all panel members. Other highlights include:

  • Cameron giving a master class in how to not organise things properly when showing work in a cafe.
  • Don prompting Ed to lead a deeply technical discussion on the magic of Polaroid peel-apart films during which he used the word, “thing”, far too often and mixed up his 5×4, 54, 55 and 665 like there’s no tomorrow. Yes, folks it’s good to be in the presence of such a knowledgeable commentator!

Cameron’s Picks:

Susan’s Picks:

  • PHOTONOLA is Susan’s BEST OF PICK of 2008. It’s a month long celebratioon of Photography in New Orleans coordinated by the New Orleans Photo Alliance. It included a auction/gala, workshops, reviews, seminars and exhibitions across the city.
  • Susan discovered her talent of 2008 at the “Emerge” workshop she ran at PhotoNola; Sam Portera.
  • And another 08 treat was getting to see Louviere and Vanessa’s Solo show, Instinct & Extinct at A Gallery For Fine Photography in New  Orleans. Jeff Louviere & Vanessa Brown
  • Susan’s LAST THOUGHT BEST PICK OF 2008 has to be Gordon Stettinius‘ self portrait series; currently only viewable online via facebook.

Ed’s Picks:

  • The Maurice Broomfield exhibition at London’s HOST Gallery.
  • Knock Three Times by Chris Coekin. “Through photographs and archive material, Coekin explores the cultural roots and identity of the Working Men’s Club and examines the complexity of working class culture, as well as ideas of masculinity, relationships and the work ethic.”

Don’s Picks:

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Episode 8: Sunday Morning Coming Down – September 2008

Episode 8 of the podcast sees the gang holed up at Leon’s house after a night out in Canterbury (sorry Skype, we didn’t need you this time), but the proximity of the others still didn’t help Ed’s “mad intro skillz” which were as poor as always. Also worth mentioning at the start that the bald fool left his phone on during recording and that 3 or 4 times during the show it made its presence felt – sorry about that.

Onto the show itself: first off there’s a 6 minute long discussion about the site including a well-deserved plug for our very own, Susan Burnstine’s wonderful short film on Fine Art TV  (go watch it immediately) and info about some forthcoming collaborations. After that we warm to the subject of Leon and his ‘home build’ camera project followed by him and Damion reviewing fine art photography magazines, Foam Magazine and AG . Ed brings things back to basics with a discussion about 3D (or stereo) photography and the success of his recent purchases from Loreo. Cameron Stephen’s 3D image mentioned in the podcast can be seen here. Also, because we were in the countryside cockerel can be heard crowing throughout.

Photo by Damion Rice

NB – The original upload of this podcast contained an incomplete MP3 file. This has now been fixed and the whole podcast is available to play or download.  Apologies for the confusion that this will have caused.

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